I’m Totally Brain Dad and I’m running races and doing events to raise awareness and raise funds for families affected by pediatric brain tumors.

Click Here to DONATE to the Cancer Kids Fund at Children’s MN

The Bad News——-Brain tumors are now the deadliest form of childhood cancer.  Nearly 5000 children are diagnosed with brain and central nervous system tumors annually, including my son in 2015.

The Good News—–New scientific advances are opening better treatment options.  We need the ensure all families have access to those treatments and the support needed to give them the best chance to survive and thrive.  

My son is a survivor and doing well now.  We want to help others that are facing this terrible disease.  

I hope you’ll join my big brain quest by following along or maybe even donating a bit at the link above.

Thanks for visiting my site! You are head and shoulders above everyone else that isn’t here right now.

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